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Atlassian Integration

We work on the implementation of the Atlassian suite through Jira, Confluence, Service Management and BitBucket.

Our mission is to help you to quickly control you Agile LifeCycle in a compliant way, with best in breeds modern tools suite.

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Agile Training - Atlassian - DevOps

We offer many training courses tailored to the specific needs of our clients and their projects related to DevOps, the Atlassian suite and Agile methods.

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Agile Coaching - DevOps Gxp

Do you need to evolve in DevOps Gxp ?
Our experts can help you implement agile methods in your projects ! From how to leverage Jira to how configure your Pipelines to stay compliant with GxP or 62304.

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Automated Tests

Automation is a key enabler in DevOps and Saas Mode. We offer automated tests developpers to quickly mitigate you risks by automated tests designed using Gerkins langage.

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Agile Validation

You need to work in a regularly Agile validated environment ?
We can help you reach this goal, by dedicated framework that will drive your team to successfull Agile Compliance approach.

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Continuous Compliance

Our team knows compliance critical needs. With real expertise in Life Sciences, it's part of our DNA.

With Cloud IAAS, continous compliance can easily be achieved by leveraging IAAS ( Infrastructure as a code ) and Compliance Rules.

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Atlassian Plug-ins

To improve your experience using the Atlassian suite, Axdania develops add-ons for these collaborative and agile workspaces. Our first one is Document Manager for Confluence that is an advanced Electronic Document Management System or EDMS that comply with the norms (medical device regulation).

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